I happen to be one of those people who absolutely dread those wonderfully positive messages that are only effective if you send them to 1,000 people in five minutes. I mean, hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking someone to pass along a good message, but why pressure folks to consume half their morning, afternoon, or evening forwarding the message to half the country because if they don’t, it doesn’t work?

For real? The good ‘ole forwarders (that’s what I call them) can really take me from “Wow, awesome!” to “Come on, are you serious?” in 30 seconds. Who does that?

What I really enjoy are the truly inspiring people who send messages from their hearts — and they have no hidden agenda attached.
 Have you ever gotten one of those messages? So unexpected, so meaningful, so what-you-needed, at that very moment?

Well, I just got one of them and all I could do is smile.

I’m not in favor of making things more spiritual than they need to be, but these messages always remind me that God has me in mind.

Only God knows what I need and the exact time I need it.

Sometimes my situation doesn’t change but being reminded that God knows truly helps me persevere. When I receive a message, all I can do is lift my hands and say, “Thanks You!”

I’d hate to not become as great as God believes I can be because he removes every challenging situation from my life. Sometimes it’s better to be reminded that it’s not so bad, after all. It’s even greater to realize that what I had been thinking was a challenge was a huge blessing. All I needed was a different perspective to recognize it.

Simple, thoughtful, concise or lengthy texts, emails, notes or spoken words from God’s messengers, are often the best parts of my days.

So, to all of you incredibly special people who are the vehicle through which God deposits divinely timed words of encouragement into another person’s life, I say thank you.

Keep on sending the good messages.


Mary Mary

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