I often say life inspires me. Well, I should say life and movies inspire me. I just left the theater with my husband. We saw “The Help,” and I loved it. It made me feel the same way I did when I saw “The Great Debaters.”

Of course I cried, but I felt so grateful for the sacrifice of those who came before us. The ones who endured being treated like dogs, unworthy of life, or human kindness, yet they still held their head high and worked with dignity and character. They lived day in and day out not knowing if they would lose their lives just for being Black. The movie was an awesome reminder of how people of color made it through a terrible time in our country. It was so inspiring! I left wanting to study more Black history find out more about my own family history.

Although entertainment has taken an interesting turn in the last decade or so, I’m glad that inspiring, honest, moving, hope-filled, GOOD movies make it to the theater. Sometimes we see ourselves in the characters and sometimes just hearing the stories of others makes us see people in a different way.

Inspiring movies can open our minds and expand us. I know it sounds kinda corny, but with all the ugliness in the world today, when inspiration comes, I’ll take it!

I’m open. Hopefully, you are too.

Inspiration can come in so many different ways; listening to music, watching children play, reading a good book, or having a great conversation, enjoying nature, or traveling. You never know when inspiration may find you. But it can only find you if you want it to. If you’re open to it. If you’re negative and pessimistic and you don’t simply believe in the possibility, you probably don’t or won’t allow yourself to take in inspiration.

Sometimes life can take it out of you, like the characters in “The Help.” They were so beautifully strong, still finding reasons to hold their heads up when society at the time was anything but fair, equal or just. It made me not wanna complain, but say “thank you” for the real-life champions and giants who made it possible for me to have the life I enjoy today.

I hope you have seen the movie. I’m sure we all will take different messages from it… for me it was inspiration!! It spilled off the screen into my heart. Let inspiration find you today!

Love and Peace,

Erica & Tina