Vivica A. Fox Can’t Wait For Donald Trump To Be Impeached
Stefanie Keenan

If you’re waiting for Donald Trump to be impeached, then get in line.

Vivica A. Fox recently told US Weekly that she’s hoping the former reality star gets booted out of the White House. 

“He is just a hot, spankin’ mess every day that we wake up,” she said. “What is it, the 25th Amendment, for impeachment? Whatever is it, please look that up for me, and just say we can’t wait for that day to happen as well.” Adding, “It seems like every day he’s letting us know he’s not qualified for the job.”

Fox appeared on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice back in 2015 and the actress remembers very different Trump. She told the publication that she had no issue with Trump or Donald Trump Jr. during the show’s filming. 

“The gentleman that I met when I did Celebrity Apprentice with, Mr. Trump and Donald Trump Jr., they were lovely gentlemen. However, I think they are just blinded with power and deception. It’s sad to see their family unravel the way they are. They are a lovely family. I will give them that. They stick together. However, I don’t think they’re qualified to run our country.”