Viola Davis Talks To Jimmy Kimmel About Her Teary, Snotty Crying In ‘Fences’
David Lee/ Paramount Pictures

Viola Davis is an amazing actress; that’s an undisputed fact (don’t @ me). And, aside from her superb acting and her amazing speech skills, Davis is also known for her ability to cry like no other actress in history.

The Oscar nominee chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about her film Fences, her role as Rose, and that outstanding monologue during which Davis earns one of her best movie crying moments. 

“You know, that was my snot,” she joked with Kimmel. “And, you know, everyone talks about my snot. It’s gotten to the point where, like, my nose runs when I cry and, you know, I don’t want to spend half the scene just going like that,” she added, pretending to wipe her nose. “After 23 takes I had very clear nasal passages.”

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The actress also went on to discuss co-star Jovan Adepo, who made his feature film debut in the Oscar-nominated movie, telling Kimmel that she and her husband invited the young actor to their home for dinner after Davis’ sister gushed about his talent: “I love him, he’s my baby. He’s like our kid now.”

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