Viola Davis Responds to Nancy Lee Grahn’s Emmy Acceptance Speech Twitter Tirade
(l-r): Amanda Edwards/WireImage, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The world applauded when Viola Davis became the first Black woman to take home the Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Drama and used her acceptance speech to bring awareness to the lack of diversity in Hollywood—well, everyone except one person applauded.

Following Davis’ victory, General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn launched a Twitter rant, arguing that Davis’ acceptance speech wasn’t the time or place for such a statement. “I heard Harriet Tubman and I thought, ‘It’s a f—ing Emmy for gods sake. She wasn’t digging thru a tunnel,” Grahn tweeted.

Cue the backlash.

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Davis recently spoke to the New York Times, where she addressed an “unnamed actress” who might’ve taken issue with her speech. And, in true Viola fashion, her response was nothing but tasteful.

“If there had been any backlash, it’s that all people want to feel included in a speech,” Davis said. “I know there has been some backlash with an actress who didn’t feel she was included.”

What do you think of Viola’s response?