This Video Of Vanessa Bell Calloway Dancing With Her Daughters Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye
Marcus Ingram

Vanessa Bell Calloway is out here slaying again, this time with a poignant video featuring her daughters, Ashley and Ally. 

The Coming to America icon recently shared a video of herself and her two daughters dancing to Regina Belle’s “If I Could.” The three women move flawlessly and Calloway proves, once again, that 60 is sexy and fun.

Calloway celebrated her birthday earlier this month, sharing an epic photo from the evening and writing, “60 years ago TODAY March 20,1957 GOD & my mamma brought me into this world on the #firstdayofspring I had an #amazing #birthdayweekend it was #epic I partied like a #rockstar #blessedlife.”

She also looked gorgeous alongside her daughters and husband of 28 years, Tony Calloway.

Sixty looks good on Calloway, we can only hope we age as gracefully.