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[BLANK_AUDIO] Now our last story is dedicated to all things Tyrese who has been very vocal about the custody battle he's currently in with his ex-wife over their ten year old daughter. Now while his ex wife claims Tyrese abused both her and their daughter, instead of just fighting the case in court And being cordial for the sake of their child, Tyrese resorted to what he knows best doing the absolute most. So far, he's flowing a banner over his daughter school that read, daddy loves you. Checked himself into the hospital under tha name Black Father, worn all black to a court hearing because he was quote, attending a funeral. And lastly, dedicating Marvin Gaye's hit, Let's Get It On to his own daughter. No. Yup. Let's get it on, Michelle is already saying no but panelists are Tyrese's latest shenanigans a slay or a shade? All right let's see what y'all are saying, shade shade shade. We don't have stupid. Okay Michelle I feel like you're just gonna jump in. [INAUDIBLE] Shaft report, what is he doing? Relax. Perhaps you need a Xanax or a glass of Pino Grigio, a massage. Like, why is you so extra? Calm down. Black father, really? I don't even understand. I can't even understand. Right? I don't even understand Tyrese, period, as far as captions go in anything but he's just... I can't even believe why would you, why let's get it on? [LAUGH] He's probably going through a tough time. Do you think perhaps this is his way of reaching out to his daughter or? I mean, the daddy loves you flat. You know Bennet, not bad. That's terrible. That's embarrassing. Daddy loves you. Is it her birthday? Yeah, Sydney, you're like no. It's embarrassing. No Tyres has the ability to do the most and the very least at the same time. And this is one of those situations where it's just like stop. Yeah doing the most with the very least. Okay now let's check in with Kayla who is clearly part of the Rhythm Nation, to see if social media has any words for Tyrese. Hey Miss Jackson. Many words, some slayed, some shade. In support of Tyrese, Jeannette Williams says a father will do whatever it takes to show his love for his daughter, The love between a father and his children are priceless when [INAUDIBLE] says by any means necessary. As long as there is no physical or sexual abuse that demands [INAUDIBLE] daughter. But some people aren't here for it, she [INAUDIBLE] that he's losing his mine, should he check in to a psych ward. Sheila quote says he's desperate said the kids were dragged to the court system because their parents are immature, poor little girl. [BLANK_AUDIO]

The drama between Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson has been dropped—for now.

The child abuse case against the actor and singer is no more, but there’s another plot twist to all of this. Tyrese claims that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him $5 million to help the Furious 7 star with legal fees. The actor took to Instagram to thank the Smiths for their contribution, calling Will an “uncle for real.”

Tyrese has been embroiled in a battle with his ex-wife after allegedly beating his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. The actor and singer has spent much of his time on social media dedicating posts to his daughter and, for a while, it seemed like there would be no end in sight as the drama continued.

The actor has vowed to stay off social media after fans hinted that he should take a break, but Tyrese has shared a number of posts since.

According to Page Six, the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services says it won’t seek criminal charges against the actor.

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