Tyra Banks Transformed Into A Sexy Tiger To “Break the Internet” And We Can’t Look Away

Paper magazine is at it again: trying to break the Internet one sexy shot at a time. This round, however, there is neither an act of Olympic-level champagne flute butt balancing nor a scandalous ménage (sorry, Minaj) à trois.

In the publication’s latest issue, Tyra Banks (Queen of the Smize), takes fierce to a new level as, ahem, Tyger Banks.

No, Tyra’s not inducting herself into the rap music industry or getting crafty with rebranding, she’s simply transforming into a tiger, as models do.

Still confused? See for yourself:

Banks has undergone a Heidi-Klum-on-Halloween type transformation, and we cannot look away.

🐯 but make it fashion #BreakTheInternet

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Like, she *is* a jungle cat.

🐅🐯🐅🐯🐅 #BreakTheInternet

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Ah, the wonders of body paint and cat ears …

Banks is a little late to the dress-up game—Halloween was nearly a month ago—but timeliness aside, Paper keeps outdoing itself with these attempts to “break the Internet.” If your wifi mysteriously goes down tonight, blame it on Tyger.

This article originally appeared on InStyle


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