Trevor Noah Recalls This Cringe-Worthy Conversation With Obama In New Netflix Special
Cara Howe/Netflix
We all have cringe-worthy embarrassing stories. But Trevor Noah might just have taken the cake! In his new Netflix comedy special that debuts Tuesday, The Daily Show host recounts the time he embarrassed himself deeply while meeting former President Barack Obama.
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In the comedy special, titled Son of Patricia, Noah shares an anecdote detailing the time he went to interview Obama for a segment of The Daily Show. Once they were done with the segment, the 34-year-old South African comedian continued with small talk with the president. Obama happened to mention that he was planning to put together a show “for his aides” in which he wanted Noah to perform. For reasons he later explains, Noah thought that the commander-in-chief was admitting that he had “AIDS.”
“You, you, have AIDS?” he asked Obama shock — all while looking pretty stupid. But Noah explains that having grown up in South Africa, he was more likely to run into a person with AIDS than aides. South Africa was one of the worst-hit countries in the world by the AIDS epidemic. In fact, according to The World Bank the country has the fourth-highest rate of AIDS in adults in the world. For Noah, it was a cultural misunderstanding that left him with his foot in his mouth. Check out Noah’s new Netflix comedy special, Son of Patricia, out Tuesday.


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