These Never Before Seen Photos of Trevante Rhodes Are Oh So Steamy

We have exclusive photos of your new favorite man crush just for you. You're welcome.

Lauren Porter Jan, 31, 2017

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26-year-old Rhodes was raised right outside of Dallas Texas but was born in New Orleans. He attended University of Texas Austin on a track and field scholarship when his passion for acting was ignited and for that we are thankful!

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Can Trevante walk around with his shirt open all the time?!

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Rhodes is very honest about the way he approached playing Chiron in Moonlight. His character is a gay Black man while he is not. "It’s a human story," he told Texas Monthly in November. I say often—apparently this is the most prominent thing that I’ve ever said, because it’s all over everywhere—but I could have been born a gay man and I’d be the same guy. I was just born loving women. But I could have easily been born loving men and I would have been the same person, I would behave the same way. So why would I approach the work any differently?"

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For his role in Moonlight, Rhodes was nominated by The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association with the Rising Star Award named after Oscar Wilde. In our eyes, he's already a rising star!

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When Trevante looks this good, we'll admit, it's hard for us to focus on anything else!

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Moonlight wasn't the first chance for viewers to fall in love with Rhodes. His big break came from his role in Tyler Perry's tv series, If Loving You Is Wrong. One thing is for sure, if loving this man is anything close to wrong, we definitely don't want to be right!

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A fun fact about the Moonlight is that he can cook! His speciality in the kitchen? "Crawfish Etouffee," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "My grandmother taught me how to cook it."