Naughty By Nature’s Treach Blasts Ex-Wife Pepa On Instagram

Naughty By Nature’sTreach is coming after his ex-wife of 16 years Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa over a memoir she released almost a decade ago.

The rapper took to Instagram Friday to blast Pepa for her 2008 autobiography “Let’s Talk About Pep”, which detailed their tumultuous relationship.

“Somebody tell my ex-wife this old school rat your book is full of lies you press whore,” he captions a throwback photo of the couple . “You sold your soul to a hell hole and put my kids in the middle for ratings. You know ya f**ked up right LMFAO.”

He also accused her of turning his children against him, and of having sexual relationships with young men in the industry. It is not clear what prompted the rants seeing that the book came out almost a decade ago. 

“In ya mid-50s trying to sneak my underage daughter in clubs on camera!,” he continued in a now-deleted tweet. “OMG, you started watch me finish! Face and skin like Michael Jackson, heart and a** flat as pizza bread! LMFAO still f**king industry n****s younger than your children!”

Pepa has yet to respond to her ex-husband’s accusations.

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