Tracee Ellis Ross’s First Impression of Anthony Anderson Wasn’t All That Great

Well, this is a surprise. Looks like Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross wasn’t too impressed with her leading man, Anthony Anderson, when they first met.

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“He wasn’t my co-star at the time. We had worked together and he can have an abrasive personality. And if you don’t know him, it can be interpreted as abrasive, is what I’ll say. He’s got a bold personality, as do I, and he had said a couple of things to me that I did not like…I’m not gonna repeat them, because if you don’t like them why would you say them again? He had said a couple of things that I didn’t like and I was like, ‘I’m not a fan of his. I’m not a fan.”

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Still, despite not liking Anderson, Ross took on the role of the Johnson matriarch because it was a great part, and as time passed she grew to love her co-star.

“Not only are we friends [now], he is the best partner in the world. We have a wonderful, wonderful working relationship. I adore him. It’s literally funny to me, I’m like ‘How did I not like you?”

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Ross says her opinion of Anderson changed immediately and now the two have a great relationship on and off camera.

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