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Tracee Ellis Ross Gets An Airplane Makeover -- See The Hilarious Video!

The "Black-ish" actress took her time applying her facial while on a plane ride. 
Tracee Ellis Ross Gets An Airplane Makeover — See The Hilarious Video!
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This article originally appeared on People

Tracee Ellis Ross likes her facial rituals just as they are.

The Black-ish star took to Instagram on Tuesday to show her fans what really happens on a plane ride when you’re a working actor.

“Still laughing at this video of my preflight facial massage ritual,” Ross, 44, wrote in the caption. “u know I gotta hydrate!! This happens while in air and again before I land (by the way) and thank you @AdrianeJamison for capturing my madness.”

Ross got candid about standards of beauty, body image and aging in Hollywood for the May issue of Good Housekeeping, saying she never realized there were implications growing up at a time when her female role models didn’t have similar body shapes to her.

“I remember being very excited by Jennifer Lopez’s body,” she told the magazine. “It was the first time I saw a woman with a similar shape to mine being celebrated as sexy… [growing up,] I was obsessed with Madonna, with Christy Turlington.”

“I identified with all these supermodels who were super thin and didn’t have the curves I had,” she continued. “I was raised not to judge a book by its cover, so I wasn’t focused on the fact that I didn’t see a lot of people who looked like me. In hindsight, I understand how it affected [me].”

Ultimately, Ross said she chooses not to focus on making her outward appearance appeal to anyone but herself.

“There are times I put on tons of makeup; there are times I don’t,” Ross said. “The larger conversation is about the idea that we have to manipulate ourselves to be lovable and worthy. My life has worth because of who I am as a human being, not because I am an object of desire. I’d love to be in a delicious, romantic relationship, but it is not the point of how I choose to look or feel beautiful.”