All The Times Tracee Ellis Ross Was A Total Daddy's Girl

Tracee Ellis Ross didn't just get her fabulousness from mom Diana! 

Christina Coleman Jun, 02, 2017

When you think of Tracee Ellis Ross, it’s not uncommon to also think of her uber-famous and fabulous mom, Diana Ross.

The two are often seen twirling together on social media or paying homage to one another. But we bet you didn’t know that Tracee is a total daddy’s girl!

Check out these sweet moments between daughter and father —music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein — that will have you saying, “what a perfect family.” As if the Ross’ could get any more perfect!

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And all this time we thought Tracee had her mom's smile!

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No matter how old she gets, she always has dad's shoulder to lean on.

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Major daddy-daughter throwback!

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Never pass up a selfie with dad, especially when the red turban and lip are poppin'.

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Tracee and dad Robert are a perfect pair as they attend an HBO screening in 2007.

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Forever supportive of his baby girl!

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These two seem to coordinate wherever they go!

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Dad is funny too? We'd expect nothing less.