Tracee Ellis Ross: “I Listen To Fear and Lean Into It”
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When ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood honoree Tracee Ellis Ross arrived at the luncheon today in Hollyowood to be honored, the moment she hit the red carpet she’d already accomplished something big. Too sick to be out and about, Ross almost didn’t make it there to be honored, telling guests that she “wasn’t supposed to be here.” Despite being under the weather, she rallied and got dressed in the car to show up anyway, because as she puts it, “she had to be there.”

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The Black Women In Hollywood luncheon is the premiere gathering of Black women in Hollywood annually, so during her speech, Ross used her own experiences to share a powerful message of self-love and acceptance with the crowd.

“Perfect is not the goal,” said Ross. “We should remind ourselves in daily life to make space for selfhood.”

Ross encouraged a room filled with many of Hollywood’s finest Black actresses and entertainers to accept themselves for exactly who they are.

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“Boobs don’t belong up here, they belong down here,” she added. “This is where God put them. I am human. I listen to fear and lean into it,” said Ross. “I don’t always feel fierce but I do feel human. Thank you Essence.”

And, thank you Tracee.