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Zero Tolerance: TLC's Chilli Gets Real About Why She Blocked Charlamagne Tha God On Twitter

Chilli has some thoughts about the outspoken radio host.


Charlamagne tha God is no stranger to Twitter drama, but after one celebrity in particular blocked him on the social media platform, he’s seeking answers.

On Monday, The Breakfast Club welcomed T-Boz and Chilli of TLC to their studio. Before they got into the interview, Charlamagne wanted clarity on why Chilli blocked him on Twitter.

While scrolling through his block list, he noticed the singer’s handle, but had no idea why she would silence him. “Because he said something that wasn’t nice,” Chilli responded. “I wouldn’t have blocked him otherwise… it was very necessary.”

“Because you’re mean…I don’t know if you got beat up in school growing up,” Chilli added. “Some attention you did not get.. you can be funny with people and speak your mind or whatever, but it’s just tacky”

“Just because I say something you don’t agree with, doesn’t mean, I’m mean,” he said.

“The way you say it. You can say whatever, but it’s the way you say it. You’re just tacky, you’re just like Wendy [Williams],” Chilli said.


Still don't know why Chili blocked me on Twitter......

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“Kindred spirits. Why are we entertaining it [the conversation]? Because you know what you do and how you do it. I’m a find out why. I’m a go back and interview people. I’m a find some family members and be like, ‘Come on. Give it to me.””

While she never explicitly says what Charlamagne said to offend her, the 46-year-old did say it was something he said directly about her. 

On a positive note, T-Boz shared that in addition to their new music and tour, she’s coming out with a self-help book.

TLC’s next album is due June 30.

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