TLC’s Chilli Catches Heat For ‘All Lives Matter’ Comment
David M Benett

The internet is handing TLC’s Chilli an L for comments she made in response to a question about the Black Lives Matter movement during an interview on the UK’s Channel 4 News

In a clip shared by a fan, T-Boz and Chilli are asked about America’s political climate and the Black Lives Matter movement. T-Boz stays in her lane, but Chilli hits the interviewer with an ‘’all lives matter.”

“I personally didn’t go into any marches or anything like that, but for me, all lives matter, you know what I mean?”

She adds, “There is a time when different groups are targeted for different things, you know what I’m saying? So, I just think that, just the whole—what happened, police brutality, against these young Black boys, all of that kind of stuff is wrong. Even if it was a Caucasian teen kid that this was happening to or whatever.”


Backlash was swift and fans have expressed their disappointment with the singer on social media.

T-Boz, who appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice, was also asked about her feeling toward Trump, she said, “I don’t care about Donald Trump, so, I mean, God is my president. I just feel sorry for the people it affects, but I don’t care about him.”

We’ve reached out to the group for comment.