“Brown Skin Girl,” the standout track from The Lion King: The Gift, may be an anthem for Black beauties around the world, but for many the album is an introduction to one beauty in particular: Tiwa Savage.

The Nigerian Afrobeat singer is featured on the project in “Keys to the Kingdom,” and that title track is one of the first times she’s been able to put her music on a global scale. But it isn’t just her melodies that have captured our attention. We’re also fascinated by the woman behind the ballads. Her beauty is to be celebrated. With an eclectic style that oscillates between sexy siren and playful tomboy and hair that goes from her shoulder to the floor and back again, the entertainer is one to watch.

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“It’s been such a phenomenal year for me. I feel like this has been a year of rebirth,” says Savage, whose skin is as flawless as a baby’s.

I’ve found that using sunscreen every day keeps my skin plump and young

“SPF is your best friend,” she says. “I used to think that as a Black person, I didn’t need sunscreen or sun protection— especially being African and living in a hot country. I was completely wrong. I’ve found that using sunscreen every day keeps my skin plump and young. That and, of course, drinking lots of water.” Once you’ve seen the singer–songwriter’s lustrous complexion up close, you’ll be inclined to take her advice.

Savage’s skin shines like pearls, and it’s not because of expensive serums or moisturizers. When it comes to skin care, the rising star keeps it simple. “Right now most of the products I’m loving are coming out of West Africa,” she says. “I use original black soap from Ghana and natural shea butter to lotion my skin. I’m big on body treatments like scrubs and hammams (traditional Moroccan baths). I have them in Lagos quite regularly, and after the treatment, my skin feels like butter.”

However, it isn’t what Savage smooths on her skin that makes her gorgeous. It’s what’s beneath the surface. “Real beauty comes from within,” she says. “It’s what your heart is made up of. When you feel beautiful on the inside, people tend to see it manifest on the outside. When you are happy, it shows, and it’s also about how you treat people and how you make them feel. That’s my definition of beauty.”

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