Happily Never After: A Timeline Of Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian’s Tumultuous Relationship
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On Wednesday, Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to air all of his and Blac Chyna’s dirty laundry after he allegedly got tired of her cheating and wild lifestyle. He shared nude photos of the model, which may land him in a bit of legal trouble.

It’s common knowledge that Kardashian and Chyna’s relationship was formed on rocky ground, but how did things unravel to this degree? Here’s a timeline the pair’s relationship, the up, downs, and WTFs.

Jan 2016: Instagram Debut

At the top of 2016, the pair kick-off their relationship with a now-deleted photo of Chyna cuddled up in Rob’s arms. Fans went into a frenzy over the photo. Chyna is well-known as Kim Kardashian’s former bestie. Their friendship fell apart when Tyga, the father of Chyna’s son King, left the model for Kardashian’s baby sister Kylie. Rob’s last relationship had been with Rita Ora back in 2012, but he’d rarely been seen out and about.

Feb-March 2016: Break Up, Make Up And Healthy Life

Formerly reclusive Rob begins to go out more and more with Chyna by his side as his inspiration to tackle life with a positive attitude. Fans, friends and family worried about Rob’s behavior as he avoided cameras and, eventually, the public altogether. But, it seemed as if Chyna changed all that. 

However, a little while later the couple hit a rough patch. Kardashian deleted all of evidence of Blac Chyna from his Instagram and it looked as if the couple was on the outs. Rob denied rumors that they’d split, saying the couple just wanted privacy, “It’s impossible to have a positive relationship with so much negativity from the media and outsiders and we would appreciate if it everyone respects that.”

April 2016: Rob, King And An Engagement

Shortly after the couple begins dating, Chyna introduces Rob to her son King. Rob quickly steps in as a father figure, spending Easter with Chyna and King, as well as celebrating his birthday with the two at Legoland. Just a month and a half after making their relationship public, Rob and Chyna get engaged

May 2016: Baby On Board

Just a month after announcing their engagement, it is confirmed that Blac Chyna is pregnant. There’s still a bit of tension between the Kardashian’s and Chyna, but soon things mellow as the family shows support for Rob and Chyna as they prepare to welcome a baby girl— and their impending E! channel reality show Rob & Chyna. Chyna even makes an appearance at Khloe Kardashian’s 32nd birthday.

Summer 2016: A Bumpy Road

Everything seems fine as everyone rallies around the couple. Kris Jenner tells Australian radio show Kyle & Jackie O, “I think that he’s in a very good place right now, and he’s more comfortable in his own skin, and he’s back to being the old Rob.”

However, Rob would exhibit some old behavior shortly after, blocking his family, including Blac Chyna, from his phone and Instagram. On an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim would tell Chyna, “This is how he’s been for the last three years. I don’t even know what the answer is.”

In June, the two also sign on for their own reality show, which takes a look at the parents-to-be preparing for the arrival of their bundle of joy and the drama surrounding their relationship.

Nov 2016: Baby Motivation

Rob shifts gears as Chyna’s due date gets closer and closer, opting to be more positive and motivated to turn his life around and lose weight. In November 2016, the two welcome a baby girl, Dream Renée Kardashian.

March 2017: It’s Over

Things seem OK for a while, but in March 2017 it’s confirmed that the couple have split. The fate of the couple’s reality show hangs in the balance, but a source tells ET, “They are doing the best they can to stay civil and to co-parent the best they can. They have worked out an informal custody arrangement. They found out what works for them and they’re doing a good job at it.”

An E! Spokesperson adds, “We are continuing to shoot with all the family members, and are covering Rob and his relationship with Chyna. We are continuing to shoot with all the family members, and are covering Rob and his relationship with Chyna.”

July 2017: Single, Sexy And Free?

In early July, Chyna shares a since-deleted Instagram post celebrating her newly single life. Days later all hell breaks loose. Rob takes to Instagram, sharing now-deleted nude photos of Chyna, putting the model on blast for cheating. He also shares photos sent to him by the men Chyna has had relations with, as well as video of the model kissing another man in bed. 

Instagram eventually deletes Kardashians account, but Rob soon takes to Twitter to continue his rant.







If there was ever a chance for Rob and Chyna to reconcile, it has clearly gone out the door.