Tiffany Haddish Cried Uncontrollably When Meeting Oprah. Just Like Anyone Else Would
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Tiffany Haddish is just like any of us and the comedienne’s reaction to meeting Oprah Winfrey was proof of that. 

Haddish appeared on The Ellen Show on Thursday and professed her love for the media mogul. The actress appeared on the show back in December, where she revealed that she would love to start a gardening business with Oprah. So, during the show’s latest episode, Ellen surprised Haddish by introducing her to Oprah.

How did the actress react? By sobbing uncontrollably. 

Haddish revealed to Oprah that she had once written to her after being an extra on one of her film’s and asked the OWN CEO why she never responded. 

“Never send a letter to me,” Oprah told the actress after revealing that the letter had gotten lost. Haddish joked, “Should I write Gayle? ‘Cause I sent her one.”

Of course, Haddish took to Instagram to share her experience meeting Oprah, posting three photos of herself with the media mogul. 

“So just so yall know I posted it three times because I am that damn happy!” she wrote. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I cried and yes I asked her to be my auntie! So all thanks be to god for always coming thru you hear my prays and answer accordingly amen!”

And, hopefully, Haddish gets a chance to talk to Oprah about that gardening business opportunity. However, where the pair will find the time to run it with their busy schedules is beyond us.