Tichina Arnold Is Getting Ready To Drop An Album For The Fans

Remember back in the day when Tichina Arnold as Pam on Martin would belt out a tune, at the drop of a hat? Well it looks like the actress is getting serious about her vocal prowess.

Arnold stopped by The Real to talk about her upcoming project Daytime Divas and her current show Survivor’s Remorse. But she also revealed to show’s hosts that she also has an album in the works.

“I have five songs, they’re done,” she said. “They are done, so I’m going to come out with a little packaged album. It’s gonna be about five or six songs and they’re beautiful songs.”

As we mentioned, Arnold already has a little music experience under her belt. 

She co-wrote “Movin’ Up” and performed the duet with her long-time friend and house music singer, Inaya Day.

The 47-year-old added that she felt she finally had more to sing about and stories to share, saying, “I’m older now and now I have something to write about. I have something to sing about. I have something to tell. I have a lot of stories to tell.”

We’ll be looking out for this project to drop.