Tia Mowry-Hardrict’s Family Holiday Traditions Will Leave You Wanting An Invite
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No celeb goes hard for the holidays quite like Tia Mowry-Hardrict.

Seriously, the actress, wife and mother told us she gets her entire home ready for Christmas with all the classic trimmings that make for amazing memories.

We asked the Tia Mowry at Home star about her hottest holiday tips and how she makes sure that everyone feels warm and welcome during the season, and she had a bunch. You know, like playing Boyz II Men’s holiday classic, “Let It Snow,” on repeat. (Let’s admit it, we do that too!) 

Here are her go-to suggestions for making your Christmas as memorable as possible.

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Keep the Traditions Alive:

“With holidays, that’s always been a tradition for our family. We definitely really do up holidays, like I said, decorating the tree, playing music. We used to make personal ornaments and so we kept them throughout the years. My mom still has them [like] a reindeer. So that’s the same thing we do with Cree. He’s made several ornaments that we keep and that he’s had for a long time.”

Keep It Simple: 

“Every holiday, I go ham, but again, I always like to keep it practical and things that are pretty easy. Just simple stuff. I incorporate my son, and the same thing with Christmas. It’s all about decorating the tree.”

Keep Memories In Mind: 

“It’s about memories. For us, it’s about creating those memories. Growing up, we would always sing while we would decorate the tree, so we’ll sing Christmas carols or songs.”

Keep the Stress to a Minimum:

“I think a tip is definitely come up with recipes that are easy and that are practical and that everybody else can do so that you’re not slaving over the stove. I like to do stuff where guests can make their own whatever it is.”