This week we get to see Tia anxiously awaiting the arrival of her son Cree.

Of course the mommy-to-be still has a few loose ends to tie up. The biggest: to find a pediatrician.

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She and Cory have concerns about vaccination. Do they go aggressive or not? After visiting a pediatrician whose approach is super aggressive, an apprehensive Tia talks it over with her (cool) hubby who is more for the gradual approach. He suggests giving the baby the shots he needs immediately and letting his immune system figure out the rest. At the end, Cory’s main concern is circumcision anyway. “Make sure he gets his wiener snipped,” he quips. Men!

Meanwhile, Tamera is mentally prepared for her return to Hollywood, but now she has to get her body in shape too. She visits her (beefy) trainer, Mike, who welcomes her back with a vigorous workout. All pumped up, she gets a call from her manager about an “Access Hollywood” gig as a guest host. Hoping to land an acting role, Tamera is a little disappointed (and she later learns that it’s LIVE TV! *Screech*).

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Encouraged by Tia, who thinks the visibility is a good look, Tamera decides to push pass the fear, move out of her comfort zone and accept the offer. But on the day of the taping, fear (as if often does) pops up again. The show’s writer and producers flood her dressing room with scripts and demands. Co-host, Kit Hoover, eases her fears and provides perhaps the best advice for any stressful situation in life, “Just be you and relax.” She does just that and the show goes over well. No major hiccups.

But Tamera knows there’s more to life than television. An army brat, she decides to attend an event for “Joining Forces,” an organization that celebrates the military and their families. Guest speaker, First Lady Michelle Obama, speaks about the importance of supporting military families. Moved by the event, Tamera sends a care package to an officer and she even visits a military base to talk to the brave men and women who fight for our freedom.

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In between all of this, the twins manage to spend some quality time together. But it’s mostly Tamera trying to put together (without directions) things like strollers and breast pumps. The pay off though, is worth it. Tia sets up an in-home spa treatment to thank her sister. For everything.


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