‘Tia and Tamera’ Episode 4 Recap
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Work and words were the themes on this week’s episode of “Tia & Tamera.”

Both twins had their work cut out for them: Tamera concentrated on her “Stepford Wives” duties while Tia worked on repositioning her baby’s position in the womb. In between all of this, the ladies cleared the air about unmet expectations during Tamera’s wedding.

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Fresh off her honeymoon in Greece, Tamera returns to L.A. excited about her new (real-life) role as a wife. Only problem is, most wives know how to do their man’s laundry. Tamera doesn’t. Determined to be more of the domestic type, she gets to sorting the whites and colors. She also takes a cooking class (with Tia) to recreate her hubby Adam’s favorite meal from Greece. The end result: Tamera shrinks one of Adam’s shirts, the couple agrees that she should just fold, and the meal is a hit. Opa!

Meanwhile Tia, in her 3rd trimester, is concerned that her little bundle of joy is still in breech position. A breech baby means a C-section and eight weeks of recovery time. Tia only has six weeks to get back to “The Game” (in shape). She talks to co-star Hosea Chanchez about it all while he refuses to share his food with her, playfully teasing her about her weight gain (though he did share a cupcake). In her quest to turn the baby right side up, Tia visits the chiropractor, the Internet and celebrity trainer Janette (in that order) for techniques. After attaching a clothespin to her pinky toe, crawling around on all fours and Kegel exercises, Tia learns that the baby’s position, unfortunately, hasn’t changed.

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In between the va-jay-jay exercises and dirty laundry, both women get some things off their chest. Over an ice cream treat, Tia shares that she felt excluded during Tamera’s wedding. A bewildered Tamera can’t understand her sister’s frustration. She calls her selfish and complains about her lateness and absence during the wedding. Tia finally admits to being selfish, but blames it on the pregnancy. In the end, the ladies chalk it up to miscommunication and the two move on.

You know, the stuff your family goes through too.

Can’t wait ’til next week.

What was your favorite part of this week’s episode?