‘Think Like a Man Too’ Cast Shines on ESSENCE’s July ‘Body Issue’ Cover
Ben Watts

For ESSENCE’s second annual Body Issue, we gathered the hottest Hollywood celebs—the cast of Think Like a Man Too—for not one, but two group covers. On the first cover, Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, La La Anthony and Regina Hall have a little fun in the sun poolside; while, on the second cover, Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Terrence Jenkins, Romany Malco and producer Will Packer flaunt their pearly whites for the camera.

ESSENCE’s Entertainment Editor Cori Murray talked with the cast about how it felt for the group to reunite for the much-anticipated sequel, in theaters on June 20. “It was almost magical the way we picked up right where we left off. That’s on- and off-screen,” says Packer, the man behind the film. “There was such a chemistry between that cast. The fact is that this crew really is a family.”

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Although the film is set in Las Vegas, the scene for Michael (Jenkins) and Candace’s (Hall) bachelor and bachelorette parties, the girls spent most of their time off-screen together “having little sleepovers and being each other’s therapist,” explains Union. “The flip side of health and wellness is making sure your mind and soul are just as in tune as your body. We spent a lot of time talking. We spent a lot of time laughing.”

The tight-knit ensemble shared more than just a strong friendship, they all shared a love of working out—which led to a little competitiveness on set. “The guys were freak shows about the gym,” says Union. “They were obsessive.”

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“Kevin Hart—who can outdrink all of us and can outparty all of us—is a workout beast,” says Jenkins. “Literally in between sets he will do a squat move or some push-ups. You just want to keep up.”

ESSENCE’s Murray asked the cast members about their personal take on fitness and why it is important to each of them individually. Hall shared: “I like to eat. I do enjoy it. But for me, my body is happier if I stay active.”

“Gabrielle and La La taught me the importance of hydrating and taking time off when you need to relax,” shares Good. “But when it’s time to go to work, really go in, get in the gym and be committed to getting the result you want.”