Last year at the Metamorphosis Women’s Conference in Houston I delivered a keynote speech entitled “Walk In Your Greatness.”  I started by asking the women to check out each other’s shoes, and to no surprise, the ladies in H-Town had a tight shoe game. Although we spent some time marveling at the fancy feet in the room, by the end of the day, no one was talking about shoes. There was a shift from “shoe watch” to assessing how “women of God” are walking in their “red bottoms,” platforms, strappy sandals, kitten heels, and five-inch stilettos.

The women in the room realized that it doesn’t matter what you are wearing on your feet. What matters most is how you’re walking, and more specifically, how you’re living. At the conference we examined our walk with God and today I want you to look at how you are walking, and how you can begin to walk in your greatness.  

These exercises will help you begin walking in your greatness:

Greatness is about becoming who you were born to be. This is a matter of building yourself up so no one or nothing can bring you down. If you are a believer in God, you belong to God. You were born fearfully and “wonderfully made,” says the Word. To get clear on who you are, whose you are, and why you are, meditate on Psalm 139 and journal for 15 minutes.

Greatness is about who you are on the inside. This is a matter of shifting your attention from all things fabulous on the outside — including those “red bottoms” — and highlighting your real beauty on the inside. To lift your spirit, think about the three things you love and admire about who you are and jot them down in your journal. If you get stuck, call your best friend, your biggest cheerleader or a supporter and ask them what they appreciate most about you.

Greatness is not who you are pretending to be. This is a matter of dealing with stolen identity. The problem with your exterior is that it can be a cover, a mask, a lie getting in the way of you stepping from behind the veil and truly walking in your greatness. To reclaim your identity today, take note of what you believe is fabulous versus what you believe is “greatness.”      

After a moment of introspection on these points in my own life, I feel comfortable nudging my sister friends, “Don’t ask me about my shoes, ask me about my walk.” Our living, breathing and being is in God so we have to make sure our daily walk is in line with who we say we are and who God intended us to be.
Dee Marshall is an international speaker, certified coach, TV lifestyle personality, founder of and Girlfriends Pray. Follow her on Twitter at @DeeCMarshall