We Asked ‘Empire’ Guest Star Taye Diggs If He Can Handle A Woman Like Cookie Lyon In Real Life

In real life, divorced actor Taye Diggs isn’t looking for new love, but his new Empire character Angelo Dubois is totally smitten with the one and only queen Cookie Lyon.

The veteran actor, who we first fell in love with as Winston in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, told ESSENCE that a woman of Cookie’s caliber with her charm and finesse could definitely help him get his own groove back. Diggs admits that in his younger days a woman like Empire matriarch’s might have intimidated him some, but now the recently divorced dad of one, says a woman like Ms. Lyon might be just what he needs. When ESSENCE asked if he could handle a woman like Cookie now, the hunky actor said, “I would like to think I could! I know I’ve always been attracted to strength and power and charisma and intelligence. I think now I could.” For Diggs, new perspective comes with age.

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“Now after having a kid and being married and going through a divorce…I’ve lived a little bit,” he added. “I feel like I know who I am a little bit more so, I wouldn’t have to be worried about the insecurities that come along with being involved with a strong, empowered woman like Cookie.”

That’s your cue, ladies!