Tank Is Unbothered By People Calling Him Gay For Performing At DC Black Pride
Michael Tran

Over Memorial Day weekend, Tank performed at DC Black Pride 2017, a weekend event where the city celebrates the LGBTQ community with fun parties and events.

Like his typical concerts, the sexy performer took off his shirt, serenaded the crowd and seemed to have a good time — which according to some on Twitter, made him gay.



“But half naked at Pride doe,” one person said, as if Tank should have kept on his clothing to not appear sexy to fans.

Luckily, more than the negativity, there were a lot of encouraging words on social media about the show and the singer showing love to the community that has supported him for years.

An amazing moment.. #DCPride #DopePic #TheGeneral 📸 @twelvepastseven

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Tank did the show and was totally unbothered by what others had to say. He also posted a photo from the show that was packed.

“I can’t thank my fans enough for an amazing event,” the Sex Love and Pain II singer said.

It should be noted that for a lot of artists, a huge reason they are still making money is because of fans in the LGBTQ community who pay for their music and shows. Pride event or not, love is love— and every artist can appreciate that.

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