Tammy Rivera Wants You to Embrace Your Grown Woman Weight
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Tammy Rivera is a very busy lady. 

In addition to being a mom, wife and successful entrepreneur, she’s now adding singer to the resume. While she confessed to ESSENCE that she’s always been able to sing, most of the world is just now getting hip. 

Now that she’s hitting the stage and traveling a lot more, it’s making the songress rethink what she eats and how she treats her body. “I need to be a bit more conscious,” she says about her daily fitness and diet. 

We chatted with the star about how she maintains her figure; and her tips might surprise you! 

Embrace Your Grown Woman Weight 

“When I turned 30 that’s when I started to hold on to weight. Remember when your mom used to tell you ‘keep eating like that and you’ll see later’? It happened to me! When I hit 28, I swear to goodness, I started holding on to weight. 

But now I think I’m at my grown woman weight, and I’m just learning to accept it!”

Say Goodbye to Cream Cheese and Ice Cream (Well, Kinda…)

“I try my best not to eat cream cheese, ice cream or milk and that’s the most I can cut out right now,” she says. “Maybe in the future, I can cut out something else, but right now I’m just starting with the basics.” 

Pickup a Jumprope!

“Jumping rope has really helped me be able to hold my breath longer, which is important now that I’m singing on stage. It helps give you more depth and longer wind but it’s also toning because, truthfully, I ain’t been working out like I should be.” 

Do Some Singing Exercises, Your Abs Will Thank You 

“I’ve been doing more diaphragm exercises, which actually tones your stomach, and I never knew that. It’s contracting!”