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Tami Roman Explains Why She Is Fine With Her Husband Having A Child With Someone Else

“I would help raise the baby,” she clarified on the understanding she has with Reggie Youngblood
Tami Roman Explains Why She’s Okay With Husband Having A Child With Someone Else
(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET )

Tami Roman explained to the cast of The Real why she is willing to allow her husband Reggie Youngblood to father a child with another woman Wednesday. 

When Garcelle Beauvais inquired about the couple’s surrogacy journey Roman replied, “It’s on pause.” 

“I feel like I’m at a point where my career is starting to do and reward me for all of the time and my efforts that I’ve been in this business and a baby for me right now would just be the thing to do,” she said. 

Roman has spent years working on making the leap from volatile reality television star to hilarious sketch comedian and actress by working on building her own platforms including the popular Bonnet Chronicles, which was picked up by Tidal. Her acting credits including a number of television series including Truth Be Told, The Family Business, Vicious, The Ms. Pat Show and Saints & Sinners

Tami Roman Explains Why She’s Okay With Husband Having A Child With Someone Else
CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP – “Tami Roman/Kerri Walsh-Jennings” – Reality TV Star Tami Roman (“Basketball Wives,” “The Real World”) and three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh-Jennings are featured on “Celebrity Wife Swap,” WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10 (10:00–11:00 p.m., ET) on the Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images Television Network. Tami Roman has appeared on the reality TV series, “Basketball Wives” and “The Real World.” Today, Tami lives in Houston, TX with her boyfriend, former NFL Football player, Reggie Youngblood, and daughters: Lyric (20) and Jazz (18). Jazz’s best friend, Keanu, is also a permanent fixture in their home. Tami runs a multitude of businesses, including self-branded lines of jewelry, make-up and hair pieces. Tami and her husband enjoy nightlife and quite regularly frequent strip clubs together — in addition to hosting a racy nightly radio show. Tami doesn’t enjoy exercise – and when accompanying her husband to the gym – Tami goes straight to the sauna while Reggie works up a sweat. Tami and her family don’t have the healthiest eating habits, as Tami doesn’t cook and the family often eats high calorie takeout. Tami also smokes, even after suffering a mild heart attack. (Photo by Felicia Graham/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

“A baby for me right now, would just not be the thing to do,” she said. “So what I offered him was an opportunity for us to take a break for a year or two and let him go find someone to have a child with. And then when he has his bab, we could get back together.” 

The hosts responded to her declaration with shock. “Stop it,” exclaimed Beauvais. “You would genuinely be okay with that,” asked Adrienne Houghton. 

Beauvais inquired about whether or not she would actually help rear the child. Roman explained that she happily would participate in raising the child. 

“I would help raise the baby,” she said. She stated that it was the intense physical requirements associated with egg retrieval, in vitro fertilization and pregnancy that she would rather not experience.  

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“It’s just I don’t want to have it, I don’t want to get my eggs – it’s really about him being able to have his legacy here because he’s an only child. And he does not have any children so it’s really more for him than it is for me.”  

Roman added: “I believe in co-parenting. I think it’s a very valuable part of a child’s life.”