T-Pain Reveals Everyone Has Been Singing ‘All I Do Is Win’ Incorrectly for Years
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
T-Pain just gave his fans a heartbreaking realization. The singer, 32, shared the news on Twitter first on Tuesday, revealing to his fans that they’ve been singing the wrong words to his 2007 song “Buy U A Drank.” He shared the correct lyrics in a tweet, writing, “It’s ‘and then’ not ‘ooh wee’ but really it’s whatever you want it to be.”
For years, fans thought he was singing “I’mma buy you a drank/ooh wee I’mma take you home with me” in the chorus, when he was actually singing, “I’mma buy you a drank/And then I’mma take you home.” His Twitter followers were shocked to read the news, some tweeting in reply, “Why must you ruin my childhood!!” or refusing to acknowledge the truth by tweeting, “It don’t even sound right with that.” But T-Pain kept it up, adding in a second tweet that fans had also botched the lyrics to his 2010 collaboration “All I Do Is Win” with DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg.   “I don’t wanna throw another wrench in your childhood but also it’s ‘Everybody hands go UP………and they stay there……….AND THEY SAY YEAH’ sorry #AlliDoIsWin I’m from #Tallahassee bro. That’s just how some of us talk.”   Most believed they song said “and they stay there” twice, with the second often yelled out by fans with extra emphasis and enthusiasm. Again, his followers responded with their disbelief, others taking the time to appreciate his honesty, but adding that he didn’t have to offer it. “You didn’t have to do this. lol Do you know how many years Mary J Blige let us think it was “dancery” and not “dance soiree”?” someone tweeted, referring to the song “Family Affair”. This story originally appeared on PEOPLE.  

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