Suge Knight Faces 28 Years In 2015 Hit-And-Run Case
Isaac Brekken/WireImage
Suge Knight is facing 28 years in prison after pleading no contest to manslaughter Thursday in the 2015 hit-and-run case that left a man dead. The 53-year-old former Death Row Records front man is slated to be sentenced October 4 for the incident after an argument on the set of Straight Outta  Compton, CNN reports, in which Terry Carter was killed in January 2015 outside of a restaurant in Compton, California. Prosecutors claim that Knight intentionally hit Carter with his Ford pickup truck, killing him. Cle Sloan was also involved in the incident, which included an altercation, but survived his injuries. The incident was caught on security footage. Although Knight initially fled the scene, he eventually turned himself in. The former rap head honcho pleaded not guilty originally, claiming self defense. His attorneys later said that Knight was being threatened by armed men on the scene. Prior to accepting the plea agreement, Knight, whose birth name is Marion Knight Jr., was facing the possibility of serving life without parole due to his previous felony convictions.  Crystal Carter, the youngest daughter of the victim, was present during the sentencing, according to the LA Times. She was reportedly wearing a name plate that bore her last name “Carter” on as a tribute to her late father’s memory. She told reporters that she was grateful to see the trial end because the proceedings had become “a complete circus.” “But it will never be a win to the family,” she told the paper. “Can’t bring my dad back.”


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