Lucas’ Sister Erica Is The Queen Of ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two

The second season of Stranger Things is just as bingeworthy as the first—just check your timeline for confirmation. Things get even weirder in the little fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana and some new faces are introduced in the series.

One of those new faces is Lucas’ little sister Erica, played by 11-year-old Priah Ferguson. Erica is a funny, side-eye icon with tons of ‘tude. The pint-sized shade queen is always ready to roast her brother for being too old to play with toys. And we’re are not alone in celebrating the new queen of Stranger Things.  



Fans are already urging Netflix to make season three all about her, even throwing in the idea of giving Erica her own spin-off.



And, Ferguson told TooFab that she’s definitely down for a spin-off if showrunners create one and she’d want her character “fight the Demogorgon.”

“She would definitely be a good competitor because she has a lot of personality, so she’ll be like, ‘Test me!'” she said.

Erica Sinclair is the queen of Hawkins, the queen of Stranger Things, and a new fan favorite. Bow down.


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