In a world that’s experiencing so much anger and turmoil, Stevie Wonder is expressing his empathy for those on the frontline fight for racial equity and basic civil rights.

In a YouTube video titled “The Universe Is Watching Us,” Wonder didn’t hold back when it came to his feelings on racism and the failings of Donald Trump.

“It’s a bad day when I can see better than your 2020 vision,” the blind singer-songwriter expressed in the five-minute video message. “The universe is watching us… I’m talking about you, I’m talking about me, I’m talking about every single body.”

Quoting lyrics from his 1973 classic song, “Visions,” Wonder continued, “’I’m not one who makes believe/I know that leaves are green.’ If life can have an ending, all things can have an ending. Systemic racism can have an ending. Police brutality can have an ending. Economic repression of black and brown people can have an ending. People can have an ending. A movement without action is a movement standing still.”

“I hear voices on the left, I hear voices on the right,” he added. “I’ve been following everything that’s being said. But what I have not heard is a unanimous commitment to atone for the sins of this country. I’ve heard the person in the highest place of this nation say there are fine people on both sides. That sounds noncommittal to me.”

“‘I have a great relationship with the Blacks.’ Peaceful protesters called ‘thugs.’ Immigrants called ‘rapists.’ And from the very place that civilization began — Africa — I’ve heard this commander in chief [call it] a s-h-i-t hole. Wow. One day, you will show that you’re sorry,” Wonder said. “Because action speaks louder than words.”

In his message, the 70-year-old music icon encouraged people to use their voting power to speak up at the polls this November: “We have the power to vote, and we can make a change.”

“Black lives do matter,” Wonder concluded. “And this is not another digital viral trend moment or hashtag. It is our lives, literally. Yes, all lives do matter. But they only matter when Black lives matter, too.”


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