Steve and Marjorie Harvey posed from a holiday photo with Barack and Michelle Obama and it nothing short of Black excellence!

Marjorie shared the stunning photo on Wednesday via Instagram, which was most likely taken during the White House Christmas party last week. Right now The Obamas are currently on their Christmas vacation in Hawaii.

Both couples look absolutely flawless — the epitome of black love and power all in one pic. The husbands are rocking dark suits. Steve is stunting in a dark green velvet jacket and the ladies are both in navy blue dresses.

Both couples have graced the cover of ESSENCE multiple times, so we are happy to see them slaying photos together.

“Every great man has a woman… I didn’t say successful man, I said great man,” Steve said about Marjorie in their February 2014 ESSENCE cover story. “Yeah, maybe you’re successful if you sign a $16 million NBA contract. But greatness is when you’re the husband and father you’re supposed to be. When everyone surrounding you looks up to you, depends on you, and you come through for them. That’s greatness.”

“Do you think Dr. Martin Luther King was anything without Coretta? You take Michelle out of Barack Obama’s equation, and he is a whole other dude out there.”

Very good point!

As for Marjorie, she consistently slays, when it comes to style. Check out her best looks of 2016 HERE


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