Soledad O’Brien Remembers Her Late Parents Taught Her To ‘Be Bold’
Starfish Media Group

Soledad O’Brien commemorated her late parents and the superb advice they equipped her with.

The former CNN anchor remembered her late mother, Estela, and father, Edward, who both died earlier this year, in a sweet tweet on Monday after sharing photos of her bruises from the fall.

“Took a spill off my horse this weekend,” she wrote while explaining her that her horse, Nelson, threw her off while she was attempting a jump.

But O’Brien used the opportunity to remember what her parents taught her about perseverance.

“Actually, my mom and dad, both passing has reminded me: be bold, accomplish the sh-t you set out to accomplish,” she wrote. “Fear no man. And if you have a platform and you’re in a position to speak up: do it. You’ll have some occasional bruising, but you won’t die a coward.”

O’Brien lost her parents within a month of each other earlier this year.

After losing her father, Edward, in February, she honored him, calling him “a generous and kind human being.”

Soon after when her mother died in March, the broadcast journalist shared another beautiful tribute, calling her “a pretty remarkable lady.”


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