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The thing that I love most about being a father. I mean, all I know is that I think it starts with love. I think it's tough. What is a good dad? If you're children are as bad and outraged as mine You know how much fathers need to be celebrated Every day, I'm more passionate, I'm more determined because he has a future, and I want him to have a better life than I ever could imagine And if you only have one child, then you're not really in the game yet, because you don't get he hit me, what's wrong, get out my face. It's matured me a lot because it's like more than myself now, I have my sons And to live for and to look after. Get out my stuff. What's wrong? He got my stuff. So, I think when a father is doing the best he can and has love, love and attention. I'm teaching mine to swim, now. Yeah, I teach him. He's learning. He's getting better. No, we had a little toothbrush song. No, I'm not gonna sing it. Don't ask me. But, with this whole [UNKNOWN] it's something that I kinda look forward to. And anything that daddy does he's always [UNKNOWN] The unconditional love that I receive from my children. Yeah, that's what I love most. The most awesome experience that I have ever, ever encountered in my life which is raising children, being a father, I think probably the most rewarding satisfying things that I've ever been blessed by God to be able to do. You can give him a hug if you want. A bear hug. Oh! [MUSIC]

Snoop Dogg At His Daughter's Graduation Is That Embarrassingly Proud Dad We All Know

Dad's are going to 'dad.'


Snoop Doggโ€™s daughter Cori Broadus took her walk across the stage to get her high school diploma, and her dad couldnโ€™t have been more excited. 

The rapper posted a plethora of photos and videos of Cori, who graduated from Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The first photo showed a beautiful and smiling Cori, right before she crossed the stage.

Then, Snoop Dogg posted this video of himself jamming to โ€œOn Broadwayโ€ by George Benson while showing off the commencement program and students filing into the ceremony.

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He also showed this video alongside wife Shante Broadus. 


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He posted the proud moment of when the class of 2017 officially became graduates as well, and danced to โ€œThis Is How We Do Itโ€ by Montell Jordan.

This is how we do it

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After the ceremony, Broadus got a bit annoyed at the extra attention, and even rolled her eyes at her proud dad.

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But the sweetest part, and perhaps most embarrassingly for Cori, were the large cutouts of her face to show how proud they were of her accomplishment.

Family ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

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Last month, Broadus shared her appreciation to her parents next to her yearbook photo, and simply said, โ€œI do it for them.โ€

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