Slave to Your Own Rhythm: Remixing Your Need for Approval, Part 1

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” -Vernon Howard

People have a rigorous habit of hiding what they really feel or think. High-strung on impression management, folks become immobilized in prefabricated lives. Miserable, we hear the complaints over and over and over. I tell my clients if you are that unhappy, then quit your life – the whole redundant affair. Hit reset. Do over. Begin again. Have the guts to go boldly in a direction that stretches you beyond your comfort zone.

To be self-empowered, it is imperative that you not allow the court of public opinion to be the sole criteria for your decisions. How about asking what do I want?  Is this meaningful? Does this have purpose and value to me? What do I believe?  Not momma. Not daddy. And especially not your friends.  When you consistently doubt and suppress your intuitive voice in favor of the thoughtless approval of the masses,, you no longer belong to yourself.  Owning yourself wholly is being willing to cultivate your relationships, career, family and lifestyle in a way that reflects your wishes – independent of “they say”.  

Are you rebel enough to take responsibility for the life you want, no matter how different it may appear from those around you? 

Choosing an authentic lifestyle requires that you begin a radical self-inquiry process, where original thinking is the norm and the traditional approach—from the periphery inwards—is thrown away. However, it does not come without a cost. Stepping away from the status quo can be quite awkward, if not painful. Yet it is having the conviction to do so that allows you to stumble into your own genius. This self-discovery is the rocket fuel that catapults you into your untouchable, unstoppable “badassness”. Once there, you can unfasten yourself from the need to have others validate you because you realize the only opinion that matters is your own.  

Your Crossfade Tip(s):
“Sheep down.” Run away from the herd. Turn off the station tuned to what everybody else is doing. Become a collector of you. Get quiet and be still long enough to hear and feel your own rhythm. Slave to that!

A recording artist, author, celebrity lifestyle expert and instigator of personal revolutions for the past 16 years, Neycha’s hip and progressive healing modality known as The Crossfade™ has made her a favorite among celebrities, 9to5ers, artists, rebels and everyday people who seek to remix reality and radically reinvent their lives. Visit her website today for free music and more rebel insights to revolutionize your life! Follow Neycha on Facebook, Twitter @Neycha or Instagram.

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