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'Single Ladies' Recap: When He's Too Good to Be True

Last night's new episode of VH1's "Single Ladies" served up a little less drama than usual. Which was good news, because after what the ladies have gone through already, they could sure use a break...
Last night’s new episode of VH1’s “Single Ladies” served up a little less drama than usual. Which was good news, because after what the ladies have gone through already, they could sure use a break.

The episode opens with the usually optimistic Val (Stacey Dash) skeptical about letting her girlfriend April (Charity Shea) hook her up on a blind date with one of her longtime guy friends. Val’s had zero luck with her mother’s recommendations (who does?), so she’s really not feeling the idea.

A persistent April ignores her wishes and secretly plots to have Mr.  Perfect, a chef thinking of moving to the area, pop by Val’s boutique. Though she’s taken back at first, the guy turns out to be quite attractive and very charming, so Val goes with it and allows him to cook a meal for her. The two start to hit it off fast and within a matter of days he’s bringing flowers and she’s using the “b” word when referring to him in conversations with the girls. (Slow down Val!) April and Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) are fully in support, after seeing their girl get her “colgate” smile on. Plus, Val hires a sassy new intern named Christina who quickly becomes a favorite at the shop.

Meanwhile, Keisha bumps into Malcolm while she’s out for lunch with the girls and decides to confront him about why he stopped calling right after they twisted the sheets. He feeds her the usual “I’ve been busy” BS, but she’s clearly not having it this time and suggests he lose her number while promising to do the same. (That’s right, girl!) Val and April offer her support, but the strong and fierce diva in Keisha just won’t let her care. She tells her girls they’re “too sensitive” and gets right on back to enjoying her crab cakes.

Later on, Keisha attends a party for rich single men with TLC’s Chili (playing herself) and is but shocked when a seemingly perfect and charming gentleman, Winston (Rick Fox), runs their vibe by offering her an indecent proposal. Keisha refuses his offer to go home with him in exchange for $10,000, but when he insists she take the cash as a “down payment” and think about it, she does. (Huh? Mixed signals, no?) After “skimming a little off the top” for her “troubles” Keisha meets Winston at a hotel bar the next day to decline his offer and ask for an apology. Winston skips the apology and instead asks for the money back. On the way out Keisha overhears Winston on the phone with Malcolm and learns the entire thing was a setup. Looks like Winston didn’t think she was a gold digger, Malcolm did. Ouch!

Newly separated April and her husband Daryl attend their first couple’s counseling session, but he’s still way too mad for it to do any good. She apologies for the millionth time and we learn Daryl’s still reeling from the betrayal and embarrassment. April wants her husband back, but he still can’t even look at her.

April tries to sign a new artists and get a promotion to A&R at her job she finds out her boss isn’t too keen on keeping his promise to bump her up. She gets him to give her one shot but then blows it because she was running late after therapy. Tough break. Across town, after learning that her new boo will be living in Atlanta for good, Val Mr. Perfect are getting hot and heavy on the couch when she inadvertently learns he “doesn’t eat southern cuisine” (her words, not mine) and the mood breaks. Surprised he asks if that’s really a deal breaker, and she yells “yes” as the door slams at his back. Wowsers! I guess all that glitters is not gold, girls.