Shonda Rhimes’ Morning Routine Involves a ‘Dance Party’ with Beyoncé
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Minus the 5:00am wake up and the 2,500 emails she receives daily, Shonda Rhimes is all of us dancing in our bedroom, bathroom and living room to Beyoncé before braving the rest of the day.

In a video segment released by Vulture on Facebook, Rhimes shares her morning routine. She, like many of us wants to sleep in more, drink less coffee, stay up to date on current events and keep her inbox tidy.

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Perhaps one of the most universal steps in getting prepped in the morning, aside from hygiene and breakfast, is the belting out, or jamming out – whatever your flavor – to a morning playlist.

“I have breakfast with myself, figure out what I’m going to do for the day… I have to admit, pretty much every morning, I have a tiny little dance party,” Rhimes discloses. “Lately, it’s with Beyoncé. So Beyoncé and I are having a little dance party every morning. I’m getting in formation. And that usually puts me in a good mood. And then I leave the house.”

Maybe this is where the dance sessions on Grey’s Anatomy stem from, proving once again that in Shondaland, art imitates life.

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