Sherri Shepherd Is Happy Her Surrogate Drama Is Behind Her: ‘I’m Really at Peace’
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It’s been more than a year since Sherri Shepherd was locked in a nasty custody battle with her ex-husband Lamar Sally — but now, the former View co-host says she’s happy the drama has finally settled down.

“It feels good that I’m through that and done and able to just smile and just breathe,” Shepherd tells PEOPLE.

The comedian/actress was ordered by a court to pay support for a child she had through a surrogate with her ex-husband in April 2015. She asked the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to review her case, but was denied in March. Though the ruling didn’t go as she had hoped, Shepherd is just happy it’s over.

“Being able to have people in this business who were there for me, I don’t know if I could have made it without them,” she says of her ordeal.

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“Me going through all my public stuff and painful stuff that nobody got to see on my Twitter rants or my Instagram posts, were when Niecy Nash was there holding me as I cried or when Kym Whitley was there for me,” she tells PEOPLE.

Since putting an end to her divorce and surrogate battle, Shepherd is looking forward to her next chapter. Premiering Oct. 23 on TV One, Shepherd is starring in Jean of the Joneses and she’s got a new comedy project with John Lithgow that will be on NBC in 2017.

“I moved back out to L.A. and said goodbye to my season in New York and at The View and back to what I love doing” says Shepherd. “I’m really at peace.”