Don’t mess with Alexis Olympia!

In a new photo, the one-month-old has her tiny hand balled into a fist as she looks fiercely at the camera. She’s clearly not one to be messed with, but it’s so hard to take her seriously with those adorable chubby cheeks.

👊🏽 say what?

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Baby Alexis turned a month old Oct. 1 and since her arrival in September, Williams and Ohanian haven’t stopped sharing fun photos of their baby girl and we hope they never do.

Little Alexis is also in a league of her own. Williams won the Australian Open back in January while two months pregnant, so baby Alexis is kind of already a tennis champion.

Last week, Williams posted a Snapchat photo of herself cuddled up with Alexis Olympia, being the cutest mommy-daughter flower crown wearing duo. 


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