Serena and Venus Williams’ Dad To Be Inducted Into Tennis Hall of Fame
Rob Foldy

Serena and Venus’ father will be inducted into the American Tennis Association’s new Tennis Hall of Fame for his contribution to coaching his famous daughters, who have 30 majors singles titles between them.

His inductions by the ATA, an association dedicated to the African-American tennis community, will signify its 100th anniversary of promoting and supporting black tennis players with a centennial celebration. Williams will be the first inductee of their new hall of fame.

“The ATA has had a rich and colorful history and we will be honoring our past while focusing on the strategic plans for the next 100 years for Black Tennis in America,” said ATA President Willie Emerson. “ This is an exciting year and we have many exciting events planned.”
Williams was a controversial figure in the tennis world, where his tough love discipline and unapologetic blackness often rubbed with white-washed world of tennis wrong. But his methods worked, and his daughters still impacting the tennis game despite being some of the oldeest players on the women’s circuit.
“Williams will be recognized for his success as a coach to his Compton-born daughters, who have received numerous accolades for their successes in the Summer Olympics and Grand Slam tournaments,” the ATA says. “For about 20 years, the sisters have steadily been credited as top-of-the-line tennis players, with Serena leading as number one. When paired together in double tournaments, the two are practically undefeatable and have won 22 out of 23 titles.”
Williams will be recognized during the ATA’s Centennial Celebration Gala on August 2nd, 2017.
Congrats to the Williams family.


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