Is Music In The Future For Lauryn Hill’s Daughter Selah Marley?
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If you are the daughter of Lauryn Hill and grand-daughter of Bob Marley, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you could carry a tune. But the amount of pressure, and the effort to be perfect, must be heavy, as Selah Marley noted Sunday when she released an Instagram video of herself crooning some notes. “I rarely post this type of stuff bc I’m usually scared and highly self conscious,” he caption read. “I don’t really care anymore.” She added: “Notice I say really bc like honestly I recorded this like a million times trying to get that perfect one & then it kept being *something* so I was just like f**** it let me put my all into one.” Overcoming fear is something she has been working on and learning from her mother and father, Rohan Marley, she told Harper’s Bazaar last month: “Every day, I absorb more knowledge from my parents, but lately, we’ve really been focusing on deep inner cleansing and fostering connections with your Self and the Earth, so I can feel more connected with all that is around me and be comfortable in that feeling,” she said. “ I’m learning to stop being scared.”


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