Sarunas Jackson Reveals The One Thing He'd 'Never' Do In A Relationship -- Even An Open One

Jackson played a game, "Dro Would, But Sarunas Would Never...," during a recent stop at ESSENCE.
Sydney Scott Sep, 17, 2018

Is Insecure‘s Sarunas Jackson anything like his onscreen character, Dro?

You know, the one in an off-again, on-again open relationship with Molly, played by the hilarious Yvonne Orji. The one who doesn’t mind answering the phone for his wife’s phone call, while chilling in Molly’s bed — that Dro.

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Jackson’s character on Insecure has left many fans feeling some type of way, especially when it comes to his relationships.

Merie W. Wallace/Courtesy of HBO

But Jackson said he and and his character are nothing alike when it comes to relationships. The actor explained during a recent visit to ESSENCE that he “would never show up unannounced” to his bae’s home like his onscreen character or “get involved with a friend in his circle.”

And, when it comes to open relationships, which Jackson has tried, the actor has rules.

“[I] would never, even if I’m in an open relationship, do something intimate while my partner is present. I wouldn’t do that, that’s a lot,” he admitted.

Insecure airs Sundays at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO.