Sanya Richards-Ross Asks Yolande Kelly To Be Godmother To Her Son With The Cutest Video
Sanya Richards Ross/Instagram

Earlier this month, Sanya Richards-Ross and hubby Aaron Ross welcomed a baby boy, Aaron Jermaine Ross II. 

Richards-Ross celebrated Aaron’s first week by sharing a post on Instagram asking bestie Yolande Kelly to be his godmother with an absolutely adorable video.

What do you say @yolandekelly ?!?

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“What do you say @yolandekelly ?!?” Richards-Ross captioned the video. And, it seems Kelly’s answer is an enthusiastic ”Yes!”

The celebrity stylist and television personality wrote back, “OMG y’all! A regular Wednesday just became sacred. I’m so honored to receive this blessing and accept this responsibility! I love you Deucey! Thank you @sanyarichiross and @rossboy31 for choosing me, I won’t let you down!”

Baby Aaron is surrounded by so much love.

This is the first child for Sanya and Aaron, who married in 2010. The track and field star told PEOPLE, “This is, by far, the most gratifying moment of my life. He gives me greater purpose and a reason to smile every day, and I just want to be the best mom to him that I can be!” 

She added, “People tell you all the time about the joys of motherhood, but it’s more than I ever anticipated. They instantly change you. Your heart grows and your love knows no bounds.”