Sampha Is Giving Back To Sierra Leone With New Zine ‘Shy Light’
David Wolff – Patrick

Sierra Leone is still reeling from mudslides that left thousands homeless and hundreds dead.

According to BBC News, at least 499 people have been killed and more than 600 are still missing. Alfred Johnny, a caretaker for one of the homes that was damaged, told one reporter, “I froze and watched as the whole hill came down. Heavy stones were slapping the sides of the houses and they were falling. Everywhere people were screaming. I watched until every last house had collapsed.”

The horrifying event has inspired one artist, Sampha, to give back to the country his parents are from and where many of his family still live. 

The Process singer is releasing a new zine, Shy Light, with all proceeds going toward aid work carried out by Street Child, an organization helping victims of the landslides.

“Back in January, I had the fortune of returning to Freetown, Sierra Leone, where my parents are from, and where many of my family still live,” Sampha said. “As well as being an incredible personal experience, the trip created two pieces of work of which I’m very proud: a film, ‘Process’, and a zine, ‘Shy Light’.”

The singer released a preview of the zine back in May, which features personal photos, lyrics and commissioned pieces by Durimel.

“Sierra Leone has had more than its fair share of tragedies and deep trauma,” Sampha added. “It’s also a beautiful country full of wonderful people. My hope is that with Shy Light (and Process), I can do a little bit to highlight both these aspects of a country that is also a fundamental part of who I am. Above all I also hope to help raise awareness of the current crisis in Sierra Leone so that more people may be encouraged to support.”

Shy Light is available in limited quantities at Opening Ceremony’s New York and Los Angeles locations. Fans will also be able to purchase the zine from the Young Turks webstore on Tuesday, August 29 beginning at 10a.m. 

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