Russell Westbrook Is Getting Ready To Welcome Twin Girls!
Russell Westbrook’s 16-month-old son won’t be the only miniature MVP in the house for long. The seven-time NBA all-star and his wife Nina are expecting the arrival of twin girls! The couple, who wed back in 2015, shared their blessings with fans and well-wishers in a video that the Oklahoma City Thunder posted to their official YouTube page. Westbrook has played exclusively for the Thunder since he entered the NBA in 2008.
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Many men make a huge deal about fearing the arrival of their daughters but Westbrook says he can’t wait. “I think it’s very, very exciting for us and something I look forward to,” Westbrook said in the video while sitting beside his pregnant wife at the lifestyle boutique she owns Little Ark. “Having two girls is exciting in itself, but just having been able to be blessed and have more children I think is a complete honor and it’s a blessing.” While little their son Noah is already an expert at “terrorizing” the family dog, Nina isn’t worried about him giving his little sisters any serious trouble. “There will be two of them; we’re having twins,” she said while laughing in the video. “If Noah gets out of hand, they’ll be able to both jump on him at the same time.” We’re hoping for the twins sake, Noah doesn’t jump like his famous dad. Congrats to the happy couple!


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