Russell Simmons Congratulates Donald Trump, But Has Some Words For Him Too
Paul Zimmerman/2016 Paul Zimmerman

Russell Simmons has shared a letter to Donald Trump, congratulating The Apprentice host on his new role in the White House. 

Via The Huffington Post, Simmons offered Trump advice “as a yogi, not a priest” adding, “While I disagree with many of the things that you have said during your campaign and many of your policies that you have proposed, you will still be our president, and I am willing to work for and with you.”

The media mogul wrote the he wants to believe Trump still cares about the people he’s know for years and the friends he’s alienated, “The far right wing and the alt-right were your most staunch supporters, but those people are not your friends and you know that. You have the chance to be the first true independent president this country has ever seen, but your radical beliefs you ran on during your campaign must be addressed.”

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Simmons went on to advise Trump to stop targeting religious groups, immigrants, women’s rights, and people of color and addressed climate change and the militarization of police.

He also addressed the growing number of hate crimes committed since Trump was elected.

“We have already seen hundreds of incidents around the country of hate, whether swastikas spray-painted on buildings or students taunting children of color… it is terrifying. And many of them claim to do it in your name.”

Simmons went on to say that he and millions of other Americans will be watching Trump closely and will not hesitate to take a stand against policies that put people in jeopardy, ” An entire generation of young people fear that this country has just elected its first dictator, and I cannot blame them for thinking that. However, I know you and I have to believe that you want to listen to outside people. But if you want to just listen to people like Rudy Giuliani and Mike Pence, then I am sorry to tell you that your four years in the White House will be incredibly unpleasant. As always I stand with ALL the people and strongly admonish you to do the same.”