Russell Simmons Reveals Kurtis Blow Underwent Another Open Heart Surgery
Paul Morigi

Less than a week after undergoing heart surgery to repair his aortic artery, hip-hop pioneer Kurtis Blow went back under the knife, according to his good friend.

Russell Simmons wrote Tuesday on Instagram that his dear friend, whose birth name is Kurtis Walker, “just informed me that prayers are needed again. Please put @kurtisblow back into your prayers. He has been called to emergency open heart surgery.”

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Simmons reinforced the graveness of the situation to his followers.

“Kurtis Blow is a survivor, but this is not good,” he added of the 59-year-old veteran. “I say this to all who loved his music, his heart is bigger than his music. His family is a testimony to his goodness. His loving wife of at least 35 years and beautiful children are examples of his willingness to give. Let’s all give him the prayers and our blessings.”

Later, Simmons shared an update that his wife, Shirley Stewart, shared.

“Kurtis’s heart is beating on its own,” Simmons wrote. “They are closing should finished closing in less than 2 hours.”

Before being called into emergency surgery Kurtis believed that he was headed for a full recovery.

He tweeted a message to his fans on Twitter last Friday that read, “I am on my way to recovery 100%.  Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes.”

He also referred to the initial procedure as a “tremendous success” on Instagram last week. Before his emergency surgery on Tuesday, Blow had just “started physical therapy yesterday and occupational therapy,” he noted.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Blow and his family at this time.


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